June 2021

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  3. May Meeting Highlights
  4. Meeting Feedback
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  6. Calendar of Events
  7. Happy Father's Day!
  8. June Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  9. EWI Professional Development Webinar
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  12. A New Leaf's Garden Party Fundraiser
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Greetings Tulsa Chapter!

June is the first month of the summer season, the flowers of the month are roses and honeysuckle, meaning “romance and happiness,” and I say: “Bring It On!"

May’s Chapter Meeting featured Billie Callahan with T.D. Williamson as our guest speaker. We talked about healthy ways to stay connected (which we are all about) on a personal and professional level and to be sure to reach out for support when needed, whether we experience being quarantined or simply social distancing.  We should remember to be sensitive to others as we all handle the challenges we have faced during the pandemic differently. Thank you, T.D. Williamson, for sharing your resources with us!

June’s Chapter Meeting topic is “Re-entry Services in Tulsa via Muddy Paws.” This personal/professional development program features Christi Williams. Christi has served multiple roles in her career working in adult corrections facilities and is now a Student Support Specialist with Muddy Paws. Please join us on June 10 for our first “In Person” meeting since March 2020! We will have safety measures in place and have provided a list within this newsletter.

Hang on. Did you know we are pinning six new reps at the June meeting? We are, thanks to Tinesa Siebert, Gloria McQuade and the Membership Committee. Keep up the good work ladies!  

Thank you to all our members who submitted a Straw Ballot. The Nominating Committee has confirmed that participation was excellent and that the 2021-2022 Board is coming together nicely. We have a lot to look forward to in our upcoming Board, under the leadership of Lori Heerlyn!

EWI's Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM) is our annual professional development conference where members from all Chapters gather to connect, network and grow professionally through keynote speakers, workshops, seminars, group discussions and more. Reminder, early bird pricing ends June 30, and the event is September 16 – 18 in Albuquerque, NM.

July's Chapter Meeting is a Business Meeting and the BCDP Banquet! Thank you, Sam Schultz, for leading this effort and to everyone involved in the EWISP and ASIST programs. We had quite a few applicants with many local schools being represented and now, the Countdown Begins!  I would be remiss if I did not mention that our Chapter has once again been blessed to receive the scholarship grant of $10,000 from the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation. We are very thankful for this generous contribution!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend but, also, kept in mind all the men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the military.  God Bless you, and I hope to see you on June 10 at our first “In Person” meeting!

Patriotic Wishes,
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June Monthly Meeting

WHEN:  Thursday, June 10, 2021, meeting starts at 6:00pm

WHERE: Warren Clinic Tower, 6600 S. Yale Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74l36 (*see safety measures outlined below)

DRESS: Business or Business Casual

COST: $40.00. Please bring checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to the meeting or mail to:
Tamara Conner │ONEOK, Inc. │P.O. Box 871 │Tulsa, OK 74102

In order to provide the appropriate seating arrangements and dinner servings, it is important that we have all RSVPs by Friday, June 4.

RSVP: by clicking the RSVP to our June meeting below.  

*Safety measures are in place for our first “In Person” meeting: 
  • Those who have not been vaccinated should wear a mask.
  • We are limiting the seating at tables from 8 to 5 people per table.
  • Tables will be at least 4 feet (if not more) apart.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • We will have a buffet potato bar; everyone should wear a mask as they go through the buffet line.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; we want to always put your safety first. 

We are excited about meeting in person and look forward to seeing everyone!
RSVP to our June Meeting!


Topic:  Re-Entry Services in Tulsa: Good News to Tell

Christi Williams has had a 42-year career working in adult corrections and has served multiple roles in law enforcement. Since retirement, Christi has been employed as a Student Support Specialist with Muddy Paws, a training center for women who have criminal histories.

May Meeting Highlights

Billie Callahan, HR Director for T.D. Williamson, was our featured guest for the May meeting. Thank you, Billie, for sharing information regarding respect in the workplace!


Meeting Feedback

Billie Callahan, H.R. Director, T.D. Williamson, Respect in the Workplace
  • Extremely knowledgeable and very personable with great insights and wisdom.
  • It seemed short and at times seemed awkward. I wasn't sure how the title related to her presentation.
  • Very informative and engaging.
  • Doing a great job!! Ready to get back to in person!
  • Programs have been excellent through the Pandemic!


Registration is now open, this event is September 16 – 18 in Albuquerque, NM
We encourage all EWI Members to register as soon as possible for our conference and annual meeting. This year, members can register for themselves and Chapters should contact the EWI Corporate Office to register for Leadership Caucus training. 

Conference Rates: 
  • Early Bird Conference Registration - $650. - ends June 30, 2021.
  • Regular Conference Registration - $750. - begins July 1 through September 10, 2021.
Leadership Caucus Registration Rates:
  • One Registration - $200.
  • Two Registrations - $150 each.
  • Three or More Registrations - $125 each.
All Chapter Members are welcome and encouraged to attend Leadership Caucus training.

In addition, we will be offering a special purchase opportunity for a commemorative LCAM 2021 T-shirt, which will be available during registration at the conference for pick up by those that purchase one. You may add this item to your registration as you complete the form. 

Be sure to check it out here:  https://ewiconnect.com/page/lcam2021 and visit with your executive about attending.

The Tulsa Chapter is proud to participate in a $500 LCAM sponsorship to support professional development! We love supporting our organization!

Black Gold Series Kickoff: Entrepreneurship & The Legacy of Black Wall Street

June 3, 2021 @ 7:00pm-8:00pm

Greenwood Cultural Center is partnering with 36 Degrees North to launch Black Gold, a speakers series honoring the contributions of the entrepreneurs and business owners of historic Black Wall Street. In this four-part series, local Black entrepreneurs will share their stories and the stories of those who built Greenwood Avenue as we explore the implications of the Massacre on modern Black entrepreneurs.

Join us as we kick off this speaker series with Mechelle Brown from Greenwood Cultural Center and Tara Payne with 36°N. Mechelle and Tara will sit down to teach us about the history of Black Wall Street, the Tulsa Race Massacre, and how it still affects the Black entrepreneurial community today. They’ll set the stage for the next 3 weeks of this series, when we will be joined by Black entrepreneurs and business owners to hear their perspectives and stories of Historic Black Wall Street's finest entrepreneurs.

To register for this free event: Registration link

*In-person and virtual registration options available.* Masks required for in-person attendees.

NEW! EWI Corporate Virtual Membership

EWI is pleased to offer a virtual membership option (formerly Member-at-Large) for those who want to be part of our organization but do not live close to a local Chapter. Virtual Members enjoy many of the same benefits as our Members at the local Chapter level including:

To learn more about this new membership option, click here EWI Virtual Membership.

Up Your Video Marketing Game | Free Live Stream Training from Northeast Tech!

 June 24
Video is one of the most powerful tools that small businesses can use to reach customers and inspire them to purchase. Whether you're starting your first DIY video or your 20th video, there are creative styles, techniques and best practices that anyone can learn to create more compelling content. In this special workshop hosted by YouTube and Grow with Google, we'll review a few different styles, hear from experts and get you started on shooting an engaging video to beautifully showcase your product, your business and even you!
Link to registration
Please contact Lori Heerlyn at lori.heerlyn@tdwilliamson.com if you would like to donate door prizes for our upcoming meetings!
Door Prize Disclaimer: MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! 
Please send any announcements you would like to share in the Connect to Elizabeth Bugay by emailing her at elizabethbugay@gmail.com.

  • June 01 - EWI Professional Development Webinar, Build a Momentum Mindset
  • June 10 - EWI of Tulsa Monthly Chapter Meeting
  • June 14 - Flag Day / Army Birthday
  • June 16 - EWI of Tulsa Programs Committee Meeting
  • June 18 - EWI of Tulsa Recruitment & Retention Committee Meeting
  • June 19 - Juneteenth / Emancipation Day
  • June 20 - Father's Day
  • June 21 - First Day of Summer
  • June 23 - EWI of Tulsa Monthly Board Meeting
  • June 25 - EWI Chapter Leadership Call

My suggestion for a Father's Day present and/or a Father's Day that was memorable:
  • This year will be the first without my Dad. My Dad didn't ask for much. Just watching the race with him was his greatest pleasure.
  • Put together a photo album with great pics of my son and his Dad - precious memories when he was growing up with a great Dad.
  • The year my mom and all her sisters (5) gave my grandfather a subscription to the Tulsa World and said... We love you so much, we wanted to give you The World!
  • Cake of the month club was the best gift ever for my Dad!
  • My Dad was in the Army and I think his favorite Father's Day was when he was stationed in Germany during the energy crisis. There was no driving on Sundays, and we walked to a local restaurant to celebrate his day with schnitzel and beer!
  • My Dad loved chocolate so that was always my "go to" gift along with a new tie for Sunday mass.
June EWI Birthdays

June 3 - Mary Morrow - Sustaining
June 4 - Kacie Baker - World Travel Service
June 6 - Kelli Gernandt - Arvest Bank
June 10 - Debra Coughlan - Sustaining
June 11 - Patty Furhman - Marriott Tulsa Southern Hills
June 15 - Lisa Stansill - T.C. Blair & Associates

June 3 - Scott Burnett - Burnett, Inc.
June 7 - Tyler Jones - Moody's Jewelry
June 11 - Bill Rees - T.D. Williamson
June 14 - Kimberly Johnson - Tulsa City-County Library
June 20 - Jody Davis - Accent Moving, Storage & Logistics/Mayflower
June 30 - Mark Fried - Alzheimer's Association

June Firm Anniversaries

Firm Anniversaries
World Travel Service..........1992

World Travel Service – 29 Years

Kacie Baker, Representative
Twenty-nine years! That is a longstanding partnership that World Travel is proud to hold with EWI. The representative spot for our company recently became open, and I was eager to volunteer. I am a new representative coming onboard in March 2021 and have only attended one virtual meeting so far. I am excited about the education, connections and relationships that I know this membership will bring. I look forward to meeting each of you! I have been with World Travel going on eight years and love everything about this company.

World Travel is headquartered in Tulsa and is a nationally recognized travel company that's been in business since 1959. Although we've been in business more than 60 years, it's really been over the last 15 years that we’ve committed ourselves to offering truly innovative and strategic travel solutions to our clients. It’s a commitment that has driven us to evolve from a traditional travel agency into a sophisticated travel consultancy, a trusted partner if you will, who provides our clients with cost saving and value-added strategic solutions for all their travel needs. This past year has looked different in almost every aspect of life, travel included. But we are excited that travel within our borders is ticking up quickly for both business and vacation. If you have a passion for travel and are interested in keeping up to date with all the ever-changing rules about returning to travel, then sign up for our weekly newsletter - World Travel Weekly. Simply send an email to me, kbaker@worldtvl.com and we can get you added!

Build a Momentum Mindset:  How to Conquer Change, Boost Resilience, and Accelerate Your Success No Matter What!

Kim Becker, Presenter

June 1, 2021 at 1:00-2:00pm (CST)
Register here:
Build a Momentum Mindset

Change, uncertainty and disruption are guaranteed – especially now. But growth and progress are not. How you deal with this ever-changing high stress pandemic and post-pandemic world is completely up to you. You have a choice. You can stay stuck or develop a Momentum Mindset® so that you can move forward and grow with grit in the midst of the change and uncertainty.

Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor, and motivation and will share how to use resilience to not only navigate and cope during change and uncertainty, but build a Momentum Mindset where you push past limited thinking and use the adversity, change and uncertainty in your life and the world as the fuel needed to propel you forward – stronger and better than before.

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently, conquer change and challenges and create the everyday resilience required in this ever-changing complex pandemic world to build momentum and accelerate your success NO MATTER WHAT!

Leave this program learning how to:

  • Enhance your ability to adapt to change, deal with the unexpected, and develop greater flexibility
  • Develop key techniques and simple mindset shifts you can use to reduce stress
  • Maintain a positive attitude, create more focus, and become more present, productive, engaged, and connected

Thank you for agreeing to virtually meet me for the Coffee Connect. I'm drinking an iced chai tea because it's muggy. What is your drink of choice on this humid day?
  • Kelli - Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew!
  • Sam - Hot chocolate all year!!

We are co-board members for EWI of Tulsa. I was excited that Reta asked me to serve as Communications Director. I followed Sam in this Board position, and those have been some big shoes to fill! Tell us if you serve on any other boards in addition to EWI. Also, tell everyone what you do in your present role as an EWI of Tulsa board member.
  • Sam - In addition to EWI, I'm also a Co-Chair for JPMorgan Chase's Volunteer Leadership Group in Oklahoma. I help spearhead our internal volunteer efforts for the state. I'm also on the board for JPMorgan Chase BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership Development). On this board I serve as Secretary/Business Manager and create our monthly newsletter! Our BOLD Chapter includes these states: OK, CO, KS, MT, ND, NE, NM, SD, UT, WY. For my role in EWI Tulsa, I am currently the chair of BCDP, our Business and Career Development Program, which is our scholarship and literacy program!
  • Kelli - My present role is the Secretary for the Tulsa Chapter Board of Directors.
We're very fortunate to have you in the EWI mix and on the Board because of your skills and age. As someone who is interested in diversity, equity and inclusion, I'm wondering how you feel about being on the younger end of the median age of our membership. Any thoughts about how we could potentially attract younger members given our current recruiting methods? 
  • Kelli - Now that we are able to be out and about more, maybe host a happy hour or lunch meeting to meet some of the current members to discuss EWI.
  • Sam - It was definitely scary at first being one of the only people my age when I joined. As I got to know a lot of the ladies in the group, I really came to love EWI. In order to grab the attention of the younger generation now, I think we need to make our name even more present in our community. Being established in the community is a defining draw for young people as they are just starting their careers and looking for ways to grow and prosper.
And speaking of age, tell me who was the President the year that you were born? What was your favorite song or musician when you were a teenager?
  • Kelli - Ronald Reagan. Favorite musician as a teenager, wow, N'SYNC was my jam. A group of my friends and I were all about them, even got to do a Meet & Greet with them at a concert in OKC. Dreams made... HA!
  • Sam - George H.W. Bush was president when I was born! My favorite band has always been and always will be Breaking Benjamin. If you look them up, yes, I like rock music :)
What about your family. Names of children and pets? Any funny story you want to share about your spouse or how you met that we can publish?! 
  • Sam - No children, yet! We have Maui and Kora (cats). My husband and I grew up attending the same church, going to Sunday school together and participating in church youth events together. We went to separate schools our whole lives, but once we were half way through college, we started talking more and getting to know one another. He accepted a job in Tulsa in 2014, and I moved in 2015 to be with him here. The rest is history, and we've been happily married for almost two years now!
  • Kelli - We have two kids. Will is 10 and finishing up 4th grade and Hope is 5 (about to be 6) and finishing up Kindergarten. My husband and I will be celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this November. Funny story about my spouse... he walked down the aisle at our wedding to the song "Eye of the Tiger" - high fiving everyone on his way to the front.
What's your secret talent that no one knows about? For instance, I am a dog whisperer. 
  • Sam - I can play the piano. I took 12 years of piano lessons and have three Piano Federation trophies.
  • Kelli - No secret talent here, but I am able to find anything in my house when no one else can :)
Who or what inspired you to have the career that you have today?
  • Kelli - My former Executive. She was encouraging and engaging and a leader to everyone she came in contact with.
  • Sam - Lisa Stansill really helped me a lot when I was getting started. I take a lot of my inspiration at work from her and her time at US Beef Corporation. I was just starting out in Tulsa when she saw my potential. I would not be in the position I am today without her.
Do you have a hobby? If yes, what is it and what is it about the hobby that you love?
  • Kelli - My newest hobby is my Peloton. When the pandemic hit, the gym I had fallen in love with closed permanently. I was in a routine of taking care of myself physically and mentally. Now I have that access at home whenever I want. I love it!
  • Sam - I paint! I've really come to love acrylic pour painting and we turned one of our bedrooms into my painting room. I'm hoping to get into resin pouring as well. It's a creative outlet for me and I get to make pretty pieces of art in the process.
What is your favorite quote?
  • Sam - "If you're laughed at, don't worry - a comedian makes a living at it."
  • Kelli - "Have courage and be kind."

Before we leave, what is the thing that you cherish or like the most about EWI? Thank you, friends! 
  • Sam - The friendships!! I've met some of the most wonderful ladies in this group and truly enjoy getting to know and learn from them.
  • Kelli - I love the uplifting group of ladies that make up EWI - looking forward to meeting in person again!

EWI of Tulsa supported A New Leaf’s clients during the Holiday Season and we would like to share the news of their recent fundraiser. ANL’s Garden Party celebrated the accomplishments of their clients, donors and volunteers on May 21. Over $300,000 was raised to support their mission to provide services to help Green Country’s individuals with developmental disabilities and autism thrive. Thank you, EWI of Tulsa Executives David & JayCee Kerns of LDKerns Contractors, for chairing this event, as well as the following EWI Member firms who supported this effort: ONEOK, Helmerich & Payne and Arvest. 
Past Presidents Luncheon 

A great time was had by all as EWI Past Presidents gathered at Cedar Ridge Country Club for lunch and reminiscing.

Top Photo: 
Sitting:  Linda Safley, Sustaining (2005-2006), Glenda Stoner, Sustaining (2000), Rita Young, Sustaining (1999), Pat Desormeau, Sustaining (2003), and Judy Russell, ONEOK (2001)
Standing:  Teri Edmondson, Sustaining (1986) and Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne (2020)

Bottom Left: 
Sitting:  Johnnye Potter, Sustaining (1988) and Jessica Bolen, Montereau (2009-2010)
Standing:  Lou Winsworth, Sustaining (1983), June Ellen Shelton (1984), Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne (2020) and Linda Polson, Sustaining (1997)

Bottom Right:  Kim Bowman, T.D. Williamson (2014) and Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne (2020)

Teach Me One Good Thing About...

LinkedIn Learning

If you are looking to pivot into a new career, upgrade your skills for your present employment, a life-long learner or have some free time and want to do something this summer in addition to drinking fruity cocktails and reading a book, here's something to consider. During the pandemic, LinkedIn Learning made many of its courses free to enable people to learn new skills or to strengthen existing skills in the workplace. If you are interested in checking out the MANY offerings, here's a link to a LinkedIn Learning Blog post that lays out a variety of courses and learning paths that are free until the end of 2021. There's so much to choose from, you will surely find something that piques your interest! 

Don't Miss Out on Free Courses


Reta Hallam-Jay has shared an interesting article regarding Women as Mentors

Mentoring isn’t just about boosting careers, and it’s not just the women who are mentored that benefit. Mentoring helps retain the practical experience and wisdom gained from longer-term employees. The exchange of knowledge and experience that informs protégés also helps put mentors in touch with other parts of the organization.

My EWI Mentor Match Program

As part of your EWI membership,
you have the opportunity to become a mentor through MyEWI Mentor Match Program.MyEWI Mentor Match program reflects our commitment to you and your professional development. This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find, connect and share experiences with others. Your mentor or mentee can be in the same city or on the other side of the continent.

If you are interested, please read more about this opportunity at MyEWI Mentor Match.


Tulsa Reaches One Million Residents

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the official population in Tulsa Metro is now at 1,006,411 people


Coming Soon to Tulsa!

New Amazon Sorting Center

“The City of Tulsa is proud to announce the addition of a new Amazon operations facility, with plans now underway to build a 270,000 sq. ft. sortation center at North Mingo Ave. between 36th St. N. and Apache Blvd.” 

“With another planned facility in Tulsa, Amazon continues to show they want to do business here and extend more employment opportunities to Tulsans,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “This investment accelerates development around one of our strongest job centers, and speaks volumes to the kind of city and workforce we have.”

Aerospace Facility Relocation to Tulsa
In a relocation that will create nearly 300 new jobs, Israeli aerospace company, TAT Technologies Ltd., recently announced it is relocating some of its activities to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company also plans to establish a new global research and development center within its Tulsa campus.

The first Ironman Tulsa was a success! Board members Tinesa Siebert, Montereau, and Elizabeth Bugay volunteered at the triathlon with smiles in place and lots of cheering and clapping to celebrate the many athletes on the course. Maybe next year we will have a member swim, bike, run at the event?!





Opinion: Is Tulsa poised to be the next Austin?
In many ways, but we're really the only Tulsa

By Arthur Jackson, Tulsa World,
May 8, 2021

When I decided to move to Tulsa earlier this year, the most common question I heard from friends and family was, "Why Tulsa?"

I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about Tulsa before accepting a job at the Tulsa Regional Chamber, but I knew big things must be happening since the city competed head-to-head against Austin, my previous home, for a Tesla Gigafactory.

After visiting, it was obvious why the Tulsa region caught the attention of Tesla executives, as well as why programs such as Tulsa Remote have been so successful. The community is family-friendly, inclusive and inviting. Tulsa has a vibrant quality of life paired with a low cost of living, a combination that’s hard to come by.

However, the one thing that stood out to me was the strong collaboration among regional partners on economic development.

These partnerships, especially the contributions of Native American tribes, are unique to northeast Oklahoma. Tulsa Regional Chamber helps coordinate these partners through Tulsa’s Future, its regional economic development partnership supported by public and private investors.

It’s been eye-opening to learn about and experience the region working collectively on economic development projects firsthand.

From initial proposal to talent recruitment, tribal and regional partners have been key participants in all phases of northeast Oklahoma’s most transformative economic development projects. This collaboration gives the Tulsa region a competitive advantage over peer communities nationwide.

The largest economic development projects in the region’s history, which have created thousands of jobs and generated billions of dollars in capital investment, are the direct result of regional collaboration. For example, Sofidel’s $360 million tissue paper manufacturing facility in Inola, which opened last year and employs more than 300 people, involved 23 different partner entities.

If anything has been made clear during the past 12 months, it’s that we are stronger together. The power of collaboration is what attracted me to Tulsa. Northeast Oklahoma’s regional approach to economic development and strong partnerships are what make us different, and I look forward to leaning into these differences to attract new companies to the region and help grow existing businesses.

As we look to the future of northeast Oklahoma, the Tulsa region has opportunities to further position itself as a leader in advanced manufacturing and aerospace, two industries that have historically brought transformational change to our part of the state. We also have opportunities to grow new industry clusters and create the jobs of the future in the fields of technology, cybersecurity and innovation.

When talking about the future of Tulsa, the conversation almost inevitably leads to Austin. People sometimes say Tulsa is the next Austin, and I understand the comparison. Tulsa is in the midst of a renaissance similar to one Austin experienced 20 years ago. And yes, Tulsa and Austin were both in the running for that Tesla Gigafactory.

But from firsthand experience, I can tell you Tulsa is not the next Austin. Tulsa is the next Tulsa.

So when people ask, “Why Tulsa?” I tell them because Tulsa is a great place to live and raise a family. It’s part of a region uniquely positioned for growth through its strong partnerships.

Put simply, Tulsa is different.

Arthur Jackson is senior vice president of economic development at the Tulsa Regional Chamber.
2020-2021 Officers & Directors

Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Vice President/President-Elect
Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson

Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank

Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc.

Joni Whitehead, System One Oklahoma
918-836-1900, x125

Samantha Schultz, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Membership (Recruitment)
Tinesa Siebert, Montereau 

Membership (Retention)
Gloria McQuade, Burnett Home Improvement

Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp

Elizabeth Bugay, Transitional

Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.

Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech
Our Vision
To enhance professional growth and development within a diverse group of women while empowering them to make a difference as they inspire others.

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and professional development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement
Our Values
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Collaboration
2020-2021 Board Members + Advisors
Samantha Schultz, JP Morgan Chase & Co., B/C/DP, Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Advisor, Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech, Advisor, Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy Co., Advisor, Joni Whitehead, System One Oklahoma, Sergeant-at-Arms, Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank, Secretary

Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors, President, Tinesa Siebert, Montereau, Membership Recruitment, Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson, Vice President/President-Elect, Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp, Programs, Elizabeth Bugay, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Communications, Gloria McQuade Burnett Home Improvement, Membership Retention, and Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc., Advisor

Not Pictured:
Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc., Treasurer
2020-2021 Board Members
Front row:
Elizabeth Bugay, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Communications, Gloria McQuade, Burnett Home Improvement, Membership Retention, Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors, President, Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp., Programs, and Tinesa Siebert, Montereau, Membership Recruitment

Back Row:
Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Advisor, Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank, Secretary, Joni Whitehead, System One Oklahoma, Sergeant-at-Arms, Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson, Vice President/President-Elect, and Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc., Treasurer

Not pictured:
Samantha Schultz, B/C/DP, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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