February 2021

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President's Letter

Greetings Tulsa Chapter!

Did you know not only is February considered the month of LOVE, but it is also American Heart Month, Black History Month and National Bird-Feeding Month?  Despite the colder weather, I think I like February a little bit more now!

What a pleasure it was to hear from author Jane Mudgett at our January meeting.  I think we all enjoyed her Five Alive topics “Finance, Food, Fitness, Friends and Fun”. 
It was so nice to have those who could join us from Corporate and Texoma chapters (three of whom were winners of the Wheel of Names).  We are still offering Jane’s book to EWI Members at a discounted price ($14.95 retail / $5.00 EWI Tulsa Chapter price). Please contact Susan Miller at slmiller2@saintfrancis.com or me at rhallam@ldkerns.com to order yours.

I would like to give a “Shout Out” to the kindness of our supporters for the monthly drawing items! Thank you so much for your generosity. We are all very appreciative, and it is just one more way that you bring a smile to everyone’s day!

Our next Chapter meeting will be here soon on February 11th and will focus on Professional Development and Community. The Programs Committee has invited Mary Kell with the City of Tulsa to be our speaker. We will also invite the Corporate Board to join us on the Zoom Meeting! For March, we plan to have Ellen Stackable, Executive Director of Poetic Justice, for our guest speaker.

As always, I hope you all are staying connected!

Warm Wishes,
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February Monthly Meeting

Thursday, February 11, 2021
5:55 pm - Join Meeting
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins

Business Casual

No charge

Please RSVP by Friday, February 5.  You can RSVP by clicking the button below or by emailing here.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know why. 



Connect remotely on Zoom via this link: Zoom Link
Personal Meeting ID 884 0275 8384 (required)

To call in: 1-346-248-7799
Via mobile +13462487799,,88402758384# US (Houston)
Connection information included below.


Mary Kell, Capital Projects Manager at City of Tulsa
Architect, NCARB certified, LEED accredited and Certified Floodplain Manager

Proficiencies: Capital Improvement and Bond projects, Sustainable Design, Retail and Convenience store Program and Project Management, Entitlements, Business Development.


NEW MEETING ID NUMBER and Connection Information if you are new to Zoom

How to connect on a laptop:  Go to  https://zoom.us/join and type in the Personal Meeting ID 884 0275 8384.  Follow the prompts to either download the Zoom laptop application or join through your browser.  A prompt should pop up to connect you to audio.

How to connect on an iPhone:  Download the Zoom App, open the app, click join meeting and type in the Personal Meeting ID 884 0275 8384. A prompt should pop up to connect you to audio.

How to connect on an Android/Samsung Phone: Download the Zoom App, open the app, click join meeting and type in the Personal Meeting ID 884 0275 8384. A prompt should pop up to connect you to audio.

RSVP to our February Meeting!

January Meeting Highlights

Meeting Feedback

Jane Mudgett, Partner with Exceptional Leaders Lab and Author of Five Alive
  • Very informative! Would love to hear her speak again.
  • I loved her energy, her flexibility when slides weren't working and I loved her positivity. Her encouragement to be able to start the 5 steps today and make life better for you and those around you. I really enjoyed her segment on friends and how important those friendships are.
  • Excellent presentation & I could have listened much longer.
  • I thought the presentation was very well suited for our Chapter.
  • Great meeting to kick off the year!!
  • So sorry to have missed this meeting! Looking forward to next month's meeting.
  • I, unfortunately, haven't been able to attend meetings, due to health issues, I love this format. Very informative, getting right into the heart of the meeting and seeing everyone's face was amazing. I enjoyed the presentation and the presenter. I found this meeting to be informative, inspiring and good take-aways.
  • Programs is doing a fantastic job with virtual speakers. Keep up the good work.
Guest Comments

We are so grateful for the opportunity to join you last week!  What a wonderful meeting. Thank you, thank you!

 - Sierra Eberle, Arvest Bank, Assistant Vice President | Private Banking Manager

Thank you, I really enjoyed the program!

- Sarah Barton, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, Executive Assistant, Government Relations and Education

Thank you so much for the invitation, I really enjoyed the presentation and visiting with everyone. Please send me the information on the chapter, networking with like minded women in our various industries adds so much value.
- Christina Waller | ParFab, Director of Sales & Marketing


EWI of Tulsa to award $10,000 in ASIST Scholarships
Application Deadline:  Friday, March 26, 2021 at 11:59 pm
The Executive Women International Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) Scholarship Program for the benefit of non-traditional students is currently accepting applications.  EWI of Tulsa will award five scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each.
The ASIST Scholarship is a non-discriminatory, educational scholarship program for the benefit of nontraditional students pursuing an associates, bachelor or master’s degree, or a technical/professional certificate. These include persons who are:
  • Past high school age and who are entering a college, university, or trade school and/or the workforce for the first time
  • Non-traditional students already enrolled in a college, university, or trade school program
  • Re-training due to changes in the workplace
  • Otherwise are not the traditional college, university, or trade school, recently finished with high school
Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Clearly define career goals and objectives
  • Specify the educational requirements to attain the above goals and objectives
  • Utilize re-entry programs available through colleges/universities/ technology centers, community agencies and service groups or career professionals
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Applicant must reside within the EWI Tulsa Chapter boundaries: Tulsa County, Osage County, Creek County, Rogers County, and Wagoner County.  
Applications must be completed online.  Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 26, 2021, at 11:59 pm.  EWI of Tulsa winners will be notified in June and invited to attend the Scholarship Program Awards meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 8.
The link to the application is:  https://app.mykaleidoscope.com/scholarship/asist
If you have any questions, please contact:
  • Janis Cohlmia, General Manager, Tropical Plant Design, Inc.
Email:  janis@tropicalplantdesign.com
  • Roberta Montgomery, Administrative Assistant, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
Email:  roberta.montgomery@hpinc.com

Vote for the Gathering Place, as the Best City Park

USA Today 10 Best Readers' Choice 2021
Vote Gathering Place

Door Prize - Change in Collection Time

Nothing can replace the excitement and fun of your name being drawn for a door prize at a live meeting. The shouts of excitement, running up to grab your prize, and proudly displaying to your table mates. Good times!

Because we're in this time of COVID, the process that has changed the most is the collection of prizes. In order to be fair to the donors who donated the prizes and everyone in the group, if you have not collected your prize from a previous meeting by the time of the next monthly meeting, the prize will be added back into the pool for drawing at the next monthly meeting. This allows thirty (30) days to collect the prize. 

Also, if you're a winner and collect a prize, consider having your photo taken with the prize so that we can post in the Connect. It's another way to thank the donor and gives us all a small thrill as if we are at the meeting together...like the good 'ole and soon to be days!
Please contact Reta at rhallam@ldkerns.com if you would like to donate door prizes for our upcoming meetings!
Please send any announcements you would like to share in the Connect to Elizabeth Bugay by emailing her at elizabethbugay@gmail.com.


  • February 2 - EWI Professional Development Webinar, Building Your Business with Trust in a Dynamic Environment
  • February 11 - EWI of Tulsa Monthly Chapter Meeting
  • February 14 - Valentine's Day
  • February 17 - EWI of Tulsa Programs Committee Meeting
  • February 19 - EWI of Tulsa Recruitment & Retention Committee Meeting
  • February 24 - EWI of Tulsa Monthly Board Meeting
  • February 24 - EWI Corporate Chapter Leadership Call

With Eva Blair

Thank you, Eva for meeting me virtually for coffee. I'm changing up my beverage to a chai tea because I'm feeling the need for a change. What are you drinking?  Zero sugar iced tea – peach (by Lipton)… so yummy!!!
I know I'm not alone as an EWI of Tulsa member in looking forward to your donations to the monthly meetings. Many thanks for your generosity! It's almost too much, but we are very thankful. You are so very welcome of course!  I believe that everything we have is really from God and what I share with all the wonderful ladies in EWI is one of my ways to share God’s blessings
When did you join EWI of Tulsa? I first joined EWI of Tulsa representing Ford Motor Company – Tulsa Glass Plant in April 1989 until 1997 when I got transferred to Dearborn, Michigan (Corporate headquarters of Ford Motor Company).

My photo from the membership directory… check out that “do” … one of those ‘hairdos/hairstyles” of the 80’s…”Crimps, curls, & perms”

I rejoined EWI of Tulsa representing The Nichols Companies, Inc. (a privately-owned holding company with several small companies in the Oil & Gas industry) in January 2015 after attending a couple of meetings with personal  friend Vernice Bersche. Rejoining resulted in all kinds of wonderful things for me…. like….  
  1. Vernice was assigned to be my EWI mentor (how fun for me!) and of course…
  2. I was thrilled to renew friendships with several terrific ladies who were EWI members during my first eight years (1989-1997) as an EWI member. Those special ladies (many of them who have been such solidifying and contributing leaders of EWI-Tulsa) include: Teri Edmondson, Jan Ehrle, Roberta Montgomery, Mary Morrow, Betty Oswald, Linda Polson, Johnnye Potter, Judy Russell, Lisa Stansill, Glenda Stoner, Myra Trahern, Rita Young… and of course… since rejoining EWI in 2015, meeting and getting to know more terrific EWI ladies has definitely been a plus in my life!!
I changed to a company membership December 2016 representing Magoon & Associates… later switching company membership name to T.C. Blair & Associates.
What positions and committees have you served on? Was there a position or committee that was a favorite? If yes, why?  I believe that volunteering to serve as a committee member or to take time to serve as a Board member enhances one’s EWI membership.  Unfortunately, during my early EWI years… working on completing my graduate studies at TU and post-graduate/doctoral studies at OSU, as well as my travel schedule for Ford Motor Company, made it difficult to actively volunteer as an EWI Board member. But I was able to enjoy participating in committees like Courtesy, EWI Scholarship, Executive-of-the-Year, Hospitality, Membership, Orientation, Program, etc. I did enjoy serving as Director of Membership and serving as Co-Chair of Hospitality… service in these two areas was invaluable since both helped me get to know EWI members on a more personable basis/interaction… networking with and getting to know so many hardworking professional women is something I really cherish… what a terrific opportunity to know so many wonderful ladies!!!
Many of our members have had long careers in the same position or field and others have held a variety of positions. Where do you fall on that spectrum? What was your first job? What did you learn from that first job that benefits your present work? Majority of my career has always been as a Human Resources (HR) professional.  Starting as a HR employee of Ford Motor Company for over 25 years, I was fortunately provided opportunities with different job assignments giving me experiences in different aspects of Human Resources such as Employee Relations, Benefits Administration, Training and Development, Labor Relations, Organizational Development, Legal Compliance, etc. After Ford, I had the opportunities to learn about industries outside of the auto industry such as aviation-aerospace (Boeing/Spirit AeroSystems), oil and gas industry (The Nichols Companies, Inc.), hospital & health industry (Saint Francis Health System); HR and Mgmt. Consulting (Magoon & Associates; T.C. Blair & Associates).  The commonality of all my work experiences in the different industries was that I worked with various people in different levels of the companies where I worked.  And… I realized that the most enjoyable aspect of all the jobs I did was actually the opportunity to work with different folks within each  respective organization where I worked… that variable interaction made every working day an adventure and a learning experience... how fortunate for me!
I know that family is important to you and l suspect, like most families, you have some fun family stories. What is a Blair family story? Feel free to embellish, your family won't know and we'll never tell! Our family loves celebrating Christmas.  When our son “Buddy” (Thomas Calvin III) was little we used to host Santa parties for our friends’ children and Buddy’s school friends. For several years, we had different friends and family members come in the middle of the party and visit with the kids and distribute presents and then leave.  One of those times, our son Buddy and a group of the kids peered out the front window and watched Santa leave our house.  Buddy and his friends came running back screaming “we saw Santa drive off in a red car... what happened to the reindeers? Then… one of the little girls said “it was a red Mercedes…” (leave it to a girl to know that it was a Mercedes!)…  Oh boy…
Do you have anything you want us to know about you that you wish I would have asked in a question? If yes, please share. Only a few people (one being EWI’s Betty Oswald, who basically ran Tulsa University  serving as the President’s Executive Assistant at the time I was attending TU) know that during my first three years at TU, I was focused on getting a pre-med degree… I always wanted to be a doctor like my dad and several other family members but meeting T.C. (a hunk of a football player from Michigan), I had to rethink my professional goals in life… my spouse T.C. is my best friend for life, so my decision worked out… I certainly have no regrets…
Do you have a favorite quote? If yes, let's close with that quote. Thank you for your support of EWI of Tulsa in thought, word, and deed. You complete us!
“Try to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
                                                Maya Angelou
February EWI Birthdays

February 8 - Osha Thompson, Flintco, LLC
February 13 - Diane Jarvi - Sustaining Member
February 16 - Glenda Stoner, Sustaining Member

February 25 - Alex Eaton, World Travel Services

February Firm Anniversaries

Firm Anniversaries
Mid-America Land, Grain & Cattle Co......1986
The William K. Warren Foundation...........1997
Arvest Bank...............................................2014
Coldwell Banker Select.............................2018
The Rowland Group..................................2019

EWI Firm Anniversaries

Mid-America Land, Grain & Cattle Co. - 35 Years
Jan Ehrle, Representative
Mid-America Land, Grain & Cattle Co. began operations October 1, 1978.  Mr. Patterson purchased the ranch while he owned the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Tulsa, Inc.  I represented Coca-Cola before Mid-America from 1975 to 1986. The ranch is located between Miami, Oklahoma, and Chetopa, Kansas, with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Mid-America is a working ranch with a pecan operations and cattle operations. Some of the interesting facts about the property are that there is an original surveyor’s stone on the state line, which runs through the property, and there is a graveyard dating back to before the Civil War.  Legend says there was a major Indian fight right below our barn on Squaw Creek.
I have been so fortunate to enjoy seeing this beautiful property and working with the Patterson Family for the past 45 years. Jan.Ehrle
William K. Warren Foundation - 24 Years
Rita Young, Sustaining Member
I had the privilege of recruiting The William K. Warren Foundation (the “Foundation”) in 1997 when I served as the Chapter’s Membership Director and as a representative for former member firm, Willbros USA.  Securing the Foundation’s membership in EWI definitely benefitted me in 1999 when while serving as Chapter President, I left my 23-year career at Willbros to accept the position of Executive Assistant to Bill Lissau, President of the Foundation. During the ensuing 15 years that I served as Mr. Lissau’s Executive Assistant, I also acquired the responsibilities of Grants Manager and Corporate Secretary. Following Mr. Lissau’s retirement, Tom Cooper was elected President in April 2014. Much to my delight, in 2008 my fellow EWI Past President sister, Teri Edmondson, joined the Foundation as Executive Assistant to John-Kelly Warren, CEO. Teri and I worked hand in hand on a daily basis serving the Foundation for the next 12 years until our joint retirements in 2020.
The Foundation was created in December 1945 by Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Warren as a response  of thanksgiving for the many blessings our Lord had bestowed upon them. That same spirit of thanksgiving continues to guide the Foundation 75 years later through their heirs.  Serving an organization that is dedicated to improving the human condition on earth and to making a positive difference in people’s lives – including mine – was an honor and definitely the highlight of my career. Rita Young
EWI Professional Development Webinar
Building Your Business With Trust in a Dynamic Environment
February 2, 2021 at 2:00-3:00pm (CST)
To register: Building Your Business

During challenging times, it is even more important to focus on trust, honesty, transparency, and integrity to survive. Learn how to be a trustworthy company, and the impact it can have on your bottom line.

What will the members learn? Members will learn the components of trust, why trust is essential, and how to be a trustworthy company.

Ginger Kollmann of JPMorgan Chase and John Lindsay of Helmerich & Payne were named Resource Development Partners of the Year by the Tulsa Chamber!
Schnake, Turnbo & Frank - 50th Anniversary
Angie Walters, Representative

In honor of our partners (Becky, Russ, Aaron and David), our staff sponsored a downtown tree from Up With Trees. The tree is located near the original site of Chuck Schnake and Steve Turnbo’s first office at 4th & Boston. We held a virtual celebration with our all current staff, invited tons of previous employees and invited some of our long-term clients as well as the very first, Tulsa Community College.  Angie Walters

Finish The Survey

Every morning I: ask Alexa about the weather; drink coffee with my husband; complete a 20 minute exercise routine; wake up my son for school; drink coffee and watch the news; and thank God for another Day.

My usual breakfast is: orange juice and a hard boiled egg or English muffin; oatmeal or greek yogurt; yogurt (boring I know; at least I rotate flavors!); a banana and protein bar; cereal; a Starbucks Grande Chai Latte.

I can't leave the house without: my purse and wallet; my phone; telling my husband that I love him; my keys; my purse; my phone.

I study/work at: TTCU Federal Credit Union; the kitchen table, alongside my husband, during this pandemic!; Helmerich & Payne; T.D. Williamson; home, when I can!

When I get home, the first thing I do is: take off my contacts!; have a cocktail with the husband to wind down the day; change into my comfy shoes!; turn off the alarm!; Kiss my dog, he greets me at the door; take off my shoes and relax.
2020-2021 Officers & Directors

Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Vice President/President-Elect
Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson

Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank

Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc.

Joni Whitehead, The Rowland Group
918-836-1900, x125

Samantha Schultz, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Membership (Recruitment)
Tinesa Siebert, Montereau 

Membership (Retention)
Gloria McQuade, Burnett Home Improvement

Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp

Elizabeth Bugay, Meals on Wheels

Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.

Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech
Our Vision
To enhance professional growth and development within a diverse group of women while empowering them to make a difference as they inspire others.

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and professional development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement
Our Values
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Collaboration
2020-2021 Board Members + Advisors
Samantha Schultz, JP Morgan Chase & Co., B/C/DP, Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Advisor, Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech, Advisor, Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy Co., Advisor, Joni Whitehead, The Rowland Group, Sergeant-at-Arms, Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank, Secretary

Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors, President, Tinesa Siebert, Montereau, Membership Recruitment, Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson, Vice President/President-Elect, Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp, Programs, Elizabeth Bugay, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Communication, Gloria McQuade Burnett Home Improvement, Membership Retention, and Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc., Advisor

Not Pictured:
Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc., Treasurer
2020-2021 Board Members
Front row:
Elizabeth Bugay, Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Communication, Gloria McQuade, Burnett Home Improvement, Membership Retention, Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors, President, Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp., Programs, and Tinesa Siebert, Montereau, Membership Recruitment

Back Row:
Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., Advisor, Kelli Gernandt, Arvest Bank, Secretary, Joni Whitehead, The Rowland Group, Sergeant-at-Arms, Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson, Vice President/President-Elect, and Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc., Treasurer

Not pictured:
Samantha Schultz, B/C/DP, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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