April 2020

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Can Do
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In This Issue
  1. President's Letter
  2. April Chapter Meeting
  3. March Meeting Highlights
  4. Meeting Feedback
  5. Announcements
  6. Tech Tip
  7. April Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  8. Board Members/Contact Information

President's Letter

Greetings remotely!

This year for us will be most memorable!  It is a time where we must dig deep and take up our “Can Do Will Do” attitudes.  It is a time to think of others.  I was touched this week by a local longtime friend who is surrounded by extended family reached out to me to see if I needed anything.  On Sunday I was in my front yard when two neighbors, who I rarely see, approached me to see how I was doing.  While I fall slightly within the extrovert curve, I truly miss face-to-face contact.  As a chapter, let us reach out to one another by phone or email.  While working remotely, virtual meetings have helped me stay connected. If you have a need, please reach out to me or a fellow member. 
April’s meeting is a chance to connect with one another virtually.  Please take this opportunity to share a few positive experiences and/or challenges during this time.  I look forward to seeing you! Mainly, I want to see what you are wearing!

March’s meeting was bittersweet as we bid farewell to Frank.  While the survey results were most positive, I would like to comment on a few responses in an effort to clarify.  March’s meeting was a Firm Night.  For newer members, this is an opportunity given to member firms to highlight their business.  As for how the meeting is structured, that is up to the firm host.  In this instance, Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center elected to showcase their property and to announce Frank’s departure.  Please let us know if your company would be interested in hosting a firm night for next year.

Our May meeting was centered around BCDP and announcing our scholarship winners.  We will not be holding May’s meeting as planned.  We will soon announce how we will handle the announcement of the scholarship winners for EWISP and ASIST.  

I would like to thank all the members of the Board for working together in these challenging times.  I admire your professionalism and “Can Do Will Do” attitudes.
I invite all of you to pray for our members, businesses, nation, healthcare workers, state and our government as we work through this time.  On the lighter side, the following made me laugh. “Do not call the police on suspicious people in your neighborhood.  Those are your neighbors without makeup and hair extensions!”

I look forward to seeing you on April 9th via Zoom! 

Respectfully and with my highest regards,


April Chapter Meeting

Thursday, April 10, 2020
5:55 pm - Join Meeting
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins


Connect remotely on Zoom!
Zoom Personal Meeting ID: 793 538 1968

How to connect on a laptop:  Go to  https://zoom.us/join and type in the Personal Meeting ID 793 538 1968.  Follow the prompts to either download the Zoom laptop application or join through your browser.

How to connect on an iPhone:  Download the Zoom App, open the app, click join meeting and type in the Personal Meeting ID 793 538 1968.

How to connect on an Android/Samsung Phone:  Download the Zoom App, open the app, click join meeting and type in the Personal Meeting ID 793 538 1968.

Business, business casual, sweats, shorts or PJ's


Please RSVP by Friday, April 3.  You can RSVP by clicking the button below.  If you are unable attend, please let us know why.

Please mail checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to:

Tamara Conner
P.O. Box 871
Tulsa, OK 74102
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March Monthly Meeting Highlights
Left:  Frank Troutman; Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center and our President, Trish Richey; Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Right:  Tonya Jimenez; Hyatt Regency Tulsa and Jamie Harrell; World Travel Service, LLC as they check in guests!
Frank Troutman as he leads one of the tour groups around the hotel to see their beautiful meeting spaces and hotel rooms!
  • I have never been there before and I loved what they had to offer. I hotel rooms were incredible. 
    Interesting and great helping those in need
  • I liked moving around as a change of pace.
  • There were a few times I had trouble hearing but overall very good.
  • I liked the different food stations, great idea!Food was healthy and good.
  • The food was good and the stations were a fun idea.
  • The temperature wasn’t very warm. I believe the catering company’s put it out too soon.
  • Loved getting to tour the venue!! Amazing opportunity! Really enjoyed it!
  • Lots of room... tables were not so close together
  • For me it was easy to get to, great parking, lovely room!


Celebrating 10 Years!
Crystal Black of OneDigital celebrates 10 years of service!
Please send any announcements you would like to share in the Connect to Samantha Schultz by emailing her at seschultz19@gmail.com
April EWI Birthdays

April 15 - Jamie Harris - Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
April 15 - Sharon Keasler - Sustaining Member
April 20 - Tonya Solomon - Arc Document Solutions
April 20 - Teri Edmondson - The William K. Warren Foundation
April 20 - Elizabeth Bugay - Meals on Wheels
April 27 - Marilyn Cinocca - Sustaining Member
April 29 - Reta Hallam - LD Kerns Contractors
April 30 - Margaret Harrison - Tulsa Community College

April 28 - Tom McCoy - Cimarex Energy Co.

April Firm Anniversaries

Firm Anniversaries
1998 - Moore Funeral Home, Inc.
2019 - Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
Tech Tip!

Best Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19

Get your home Wi-Fi in order
Since most devices now connect wirelessly, your experience working from home will depend majorly on your Wi-Fi performance. A lot of devices competing on one network can cause internal traffic issues and downgrade performance when working remotely.

If you’ve had the same router for more than five years, now may be a good time to upgrade. Newer routers offer dual- and tri-band wireless networks so you can segment your wireless into two networks: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 5 GHz network is a faster, broader wireless band with less interference and is ideal for connecting when accessing business applications, teleconferencing, or transferring large files. Newer wireless routers are also good at negotiating the wireless usage of devices on your home network and you can often tell them which devices should get priority. 
If you cannot upgrade your router, it is a good idea to go into the management software and ensure it’s running the latest firmware, which can help improve the router’s software and also update security flaws.

Watch Out for Phishing
Scammers, trying to capitalize on our want for any and all COVID-19 info, are using fake CDC emails and more to fool us into clicking or downloading malicious attachments. Be extra vigilant. Always check the sender's email address and hover over links before clicking on them.  ProPiracy has created a website to confirm the validity of Covid-19 information-based websites so it can be used to help users find out if they can trust a website. https://proprivacy.com/tools/scam-website-checker?mod=article_inline
Boost Your Internet
How fast or slow an internet connection depends on the service and level of service a customer has from their ISP. Before an extended work-at-home period, check the level of service you currently have with your ISP, especially if you don’t know. You’ll want to know your plan’s upload and download speeds, particularly if your work involves teleconferencing, large file sharing, video editing, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks. If you think you need more bandwidth, now may be a good time to renegotiate your service plan.
Free Instant Messaging
During these hard times, executives are seeking ways to make communication easier between employees. Slack and Microsoft Teams are both having Free versions offered during the large influx of remote work.
Antivirus on Your Home PC
Please make sure you have active antivirus and that it is updated to the latest version. Even if you are remoting into work PCs from your home, this leaves your work PCs and work systems vulnerable to things getting into your work network. This is especially important for users that are using VPN to tunnel to their servers.
Get Yourself a USB Dock or Hub
If you use a desktop PC at home, then you may already have everything you need, however, laptops are generally given less ports to use.  If you have a work issued laptop, particularly with USB or Thunderbolt ports, you’re in luck. It’s easy to setup a home office using a USB hub or docking station to allow for multiple displays, Ethernet connectivity (if your PC doesn’t include that).
Use the Correct Monitors
It is easy enough to connect multiple monitors to a laptop or desktop. If you do not find that you have enough monitors, you may be able to discuss with your work about taking home your monitors that are in your work office, without costing yourself or your company extra money.
Update Your Email Signature
Update your email signature with the best place to reach you via mobile phone and chat services, like Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc. You may also want to add a little note like “Currently working from home; reach me at [insert info here].
Spring/Summer Storms
It’s that time of year when storms are ramping up. As this crisis progresses, please be aware that storms may knock power out at your offices, which may take PCs that you are remoting into not work the next morning. Have plans in place after storms that someone at your office may need to make a trek to the physical office to determine if all Equipment and PCs are online again the next day.
2019-2020 Officers & Directors

Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Vice President/President-Elect
Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson

Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc.

Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy

Heather Stephen, Arvest Bank

Membership (Recruitment)
Tinesa Siebert, Montereau 

Membership (Retention)
Crystal Black, One Digital

Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp

Samantha Schultz, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lisa Stansill, RB American

Roberta Montgomery, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Janis Cohlmia, Tropical Plant Design

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.
Our Vision
To enhance professional growth and development within a diverse group of women while empowering them to make a difference as they inspire others.

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and profession development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement
Our Values
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Collaboration
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