November 2019

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In This Issue
  1. President's Letter
  2. November Chapter Meeting
  3. October Meeting Highlights
  4. Meeting Feedback
  5. Announcements
  6. October Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  7. Tech Tip
  8. Board Members/Contact Information

President's Letter

Hello EWI of Tulsa!

October’s installation meeting was a great start to what I believe will be a great year.  Once again, I would like to thank my advisors, Janis Cohlmia, Judy Russell, Roberta Montgomery and Lisa Stansill for making this evening most special and memorable.

I am honored and privileged to have a board who embodies the “Can DO Will DO” attitude.  In September, I was encouraged by the number of members who signed-up to serve on the various committees. Personally, I believe this is the best way to get involved, get to know other members on a more personal level and to grow both personally and professionally. If you missed this meeting, please consider where you would like to serve and either contact the committee chair or me. 
As we start a new year, I want to remind the Chapter of the Proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”.  I want us to go far!  I am asking the Tulsa Chapter to embrace the power of positivity and wear your bracelets which signifies the “Can DO Will DO” attitude of service.

November’s meeting will be honoring our Executive of the Year, Lynda Wingo. It will be held at the Mike Fretz Event Center located within the HBA of Greater Tulsa.  Please encourage your executive to attend.  This, too, will be a most special meeting.
I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meeting.

With my highest regards,


November Chapter Meeting

Executive of the Year

Thursday, November 14, 2019
5:30 pm - Check-In/Registration
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins


Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa
Mike Fretz Event Center
11545 East 43rd Street
Tulsa, OK  74146

Business or Business Casual

$50 Members and Guests
$30 Sustaining Members

NEW: All Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, and Individual Members will be charged as an attendee for each monthly meeting unless a regret notification is provided by the response date of Thursday, November 7.  If a regret notification has not been provided, the Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, and Individual Members will be considered a no show and billed for the meeting fee.  All Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, Individual Members, Transitional, and Sustaining Members are expected to respond with a Yes or No to the monthly meeting notice regarding their attendance. You can RSVP by clicking the button below.  If you are unable attend, please let us know why.

Please bring checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to the meeting or mail to:

    Tamara Conner
    ONEOK, Inc.
    P.O. Box 871
    Tulsa, OK 74102
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October Monthly Meeting Highlights
Outgoing board members from left to right: Crystal Black; OneDigital, Tinesa Seibert; Montereau, Trish Richey; Helmerich & Payne Inc., Heather Stephen; Helmerich & Payne Inc., Reta Hallam; LDKerns Contractors, Lisa Stansill; RB American, Samantha Schultz; JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Tamara Conner; ONEOK, Inc., Tonya Solomon; ARC Document Solutions
Incoming board members from left to right: Tamara Conner; ONEOK, Inc., Dana Nichols; Cimarex Energy Co., Crystal Black; OneDigital, Reta Hallam; LDKerns Contractors, Frank Troutman, Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, Heather Stephen; Helmerich & Payne Inc., Trish Richey; Helmerich & Payne Inc., Samantha Schultz; JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Susan Miller; Warren Professional Building Corporation, and Lori Heerlyn; T.D. Williamson
Left: Reta Hallam and Lisa Stansill have a little fun up at the podium!

Right: Newly installed EWI Corporate President Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech, gives an inspiring speech to the new board and membership.
Trish Richey hands Lisa Stansill a plaque to remember her time as President of the Tulsa Chapter!
Executive Chay Chinsethagid, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., shares inspiring words about Trish as she prepares for her year as President of the Tulsa Chapter.
If you would like to download more photos from October's Chapter Meeting, please visit the link below!
If you would like to update your directory photo with your photo taken at October's meeting, please let Dana Nichols know along with the photo number you want to use.  You can email her here!
  • Very nice installation meeting. Can’t wait to see what this year holds for our chapter.
  • Lisa is leaving this chapter in such a great place and I know Trish will continue to build on the excellence. The bracelets were so thoughtful.
  • Installation was wonderful. Long evening but you always expect it to be longer when it is installation. Loved getting to hear from our Corporate President Felicia. She is very empowering and engaging. Looking forward to a fabulous year.
  • Excellent menu but food was not a good temp when served.
  • The food was not the greatest in my opinion. It came cold and the chicken was tough and dry.
  • As I arrived late due to the valet it would have been nice to order a glass of wine with dinner. We were told by wait staff no wine is available since the wine service had stopped.
  • Beautiful venue.
  • The room was beautiful, loved going somewhere new! I won't bring up the sound system, since everyone knows it was an issue.
  • Valet parking was nice, but had to wait a long time to get vehicle after meeting.


We have a new addition!
Haley Perryman, Mazzio's LLC, welcomed home a new addition to her family!  After 42 weeks and 4 days, Emilia Dianna Perryman arrived at 3:37am on October 8th, 2019 weighing in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces and 19 and 3/4th inches tall.
November EWI Birthdays

November 5 - Heather Stephen - Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
November 6 - Linda Safley, Sustaining
November 11 - Pat Desormeau, Sustaining
November 16 - Linda Polson, Sustaining
November 20 - Debbie Burton, Alzheimer's Association

November 17 - Melissa Parchman, Magoon & Associates
November 15 - Kim Adams, Arvest Bank
November 23 - Becky Frank, Schnake Turnbo Frank

November Firm Anniversaries

Firm Anniversaries
November 2006 - Tulsa Community College
November 2020 - Warren Professional Building Corp.
Tech Tips!

Reset and Restart!

Take time once in a while to clear out the clutter you have accumulated throughout the year on your tech devices!  Do you really need all those games installed on your phone?  Or all those extensions installed on your internet browser?  Not only does it make things run smoother, but it will also speed up whatever device you're using once all that extra fluff is gone!
2019-2020 Officers & Directors

Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Vice President/President-Elect
Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson

Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc.

Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy

Heather Stephen, Arvest Bank

Membership (Recruitment)
Frank Troutman, Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

Membership (Retention)
Crystal Black, One Digital

Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp

Samantha Schultz, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lisa Stansill, RB American

Roberta Montgomery, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Janis Cohlmia, Tropical Plant Design

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.
Our Vision
To enhance professional growth and development within a diverse group of women while empowering them to make a difference as they inspire others.

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and profession development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement
Our Values
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Collaboration
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