February 2020

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In This Issue
  1. President's Letter
  2. February Chapter Meeting
  3. January Meeting Highlights
  4. Meeting Feedback
  5. Upcoming Events in Tulsa
  6. Announcements
  7. Tech Tip
  8. February Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  9. Board Members/Contact Information

President's Letter


We started 2020 off on a positive note. January’s meeting centered around health and wellness.  Marnie Choisnard representing the Health Zone at Saint Francis was both energetic and motivating as a speaker.  TW’s rounded out the evening with a delicious and healthy meal.

Stemming from January’s meeting, I set my sights on eating healthier and incorporating regular exercise into my life starting February 1st .  I even had the nerve to step on the scales. My weight loss goal is to lose a pound a week.  I am announcing this so that if you see me eating dessert, politely take it from me.
I am excited about our February meeting where our “Secret Valentines” will be revealed.  Our speaker for the evening will be Jessica Kinsey with Prodigy.  Jessica will deliver a positive message centered on "Do Good & Do Well."

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Respectfully and with my highest regards,


February Chapter Meeting
(Special Business Meeting)

Don't forget to bring your Secret Valentine gift if you signed up to participate!
Thursday, February 13, 2020
5:30 pm - Check-In/Registration
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins


Hyatt Regency Tulsa
100 E 2nd St,
Tulsa, OK 74103

Business or Business Casual

$40 Members and Guests
$30 Sustaining Members

NEW: All Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, and Individual Members will be charged as an attendee for each monthly meeting unless a regret notification is provided by the response date of Friday, February 7.  If a regret notification has not been provided, the Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, and Individual Members will be considered a no show and billed for the meeting fee.  All Firm Representatives, Executive Representatives, Individual Members, Transitional, and Sustaining Members are expected to respond with a Yes or No to the monthly meeting notice regarding their attendance. You can RSVP by clicking the button below.  If you are unable attend, please let us know why.

Please bring checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to the meeting or mail to:

Tamara Conner
P.O. Box 871
Tulsa, OK 74102
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January Monthly Meeting Highlights
Roberta Montgomery; Helmerich and Payne, Inc. catches up with Mary Morrow; Sustaining Member, and Linda Polsen; Sustaining Member.
Marnie Knight; Admiral Express Office Supplies, Kelli Gernandt; Arvest Bank, and Heather Stephens; Helmerich and Payne, Inc. catch up before the meeting.
Lori Heerlyn; T.D. Williamson, Kim Bowman; T.D. Williamson, and Lisa Stansill; R.B. American Group pose with Susan Miller; Warren Professional Building Corporation in the background!
Marnie Choisnard, our speaker for the evening, discussion exercise as we age for our health and wellness meeting!
  • It was good to start the New Year off with a speaker who is encouraging exercise. I liked the energy of the speaker
  • Marnie was a great speaker and inspired me to join Health Zone at the rate she offered EWI members.
  • Nice lady, just wish she had given us more information on health/wellness instead of so much info about their gym membership.
  • TW's has done an amazing job delivering excellent meals
  • All very good
  • Yummy! Thank you for providing such tasty options.
  • After parking and walking in, seeing all those folks working out, made me want to join them :)
  • Easy access to and from building and parking lot. Lots of lighting
  • Great location- easy parking. Loved it!

Upcoming Events in Tulsa

POSTOAK Challenge Trail Run
2/21/2020 – 2/23/2020
Location: POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat
Time: All Day
Tulsa Business Forums with Dan Cockerell
Location: Doubletree by Hilton Tulsa Downtown
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Dorothy and the Prince of Oz
Feb 13, 2020 | 7:00 PM
Feb 14, 2020 | 7:30 PM
Feb 15, 2020 | 7:30 PM
Feb 16, 2020 | 2:30 PM
August: Osage CountyFeb 15, 2020 | 8:00 PM
Feb 16, 2020 | 2:00 PM
Feb 21, 2020 | 8:00 PM
Feb 22, 2020 | 2:00 PM
Feb 22, 2020 | 8:00 PM
Feb 23, 2020 | 2:00 PM
Celine Dion
7:30 PM

Miranda Lambert
7:00 PM

Winter Jam
6:00 PM

Pitbull in Concert
7:30 PM

Brantley Gilbert
7:30 PM


Please send any announcements you would like to share in the Connect to Samantha Schultz by emailing her at seschultz19@gmail.com
February EWI Birthdays

February 13 - Diane Jarvi, Sustaining Member
February 16 - Glenda Stoner, Sustaining Member

February 25 - Alex Eaton, World Travel Services

February Firm Anniversaries

Firm Anniversaries
Feb 1986 - Mid-America Land, Grain & Cattle Co.
Feb 1997 - The William K. Warren Foundation
Feb 2014 - Arvest Bank
Feb 2015 - MaidPro
Feb 2017 - Hyatt Regency Tulsa
Feb 2018 - Coldwell Banker Select
Feb 2019 - The Rowland Goup
Feb 2019 - Howell & Vancuren Landscape Architects
Tech Tip!

How to Have a More Secure Password

Everyone is aware that password security is important in keeping yourself safe from computer password crackers and hackers. From experience in working in the IT industry I cannot even begin to count on one hand the number of times a client has been hacked due to their password being too simple.

The number of times that we run across people using password and 123456 for their passwords are astounding! The two mentioned passwords above are currently cracked in less than 1 second. A random password that is generated such as rthioeh takes about 10 minutes to crack. Adding a capital letter and an exclamation point to the end of that word (Rthioeh!) will give you a month before the password is cracked.

The question that everyone asks, is how do I make myself more secure? That answer is simple. You add complexity. The suggestion that we go by is to use an actual word that you know, and then you add complexity to it through substitution. Take a word like American, and change it up by adding a 3 for an e, an ! for the letter i, and you can add the @ symbol for an A. I always follow it up with a few random numbers in order to add extra security.

Doing those few suggestions will take your American password and make it become Am3r!c@n13. According to current figures, doing those few simple changes will make your password take over 80 millennia to be cracked.
2019-2020 Officers & Directors

Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Vice President/President-Elect
Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Lori Heerlyn, T.D. Williamson

Tamara Conner, ONEOK, Inc.

Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy

Heather Stephen, Arvest Bank

Membership (Recruitment)
Frank Troutman, Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

Membership (Retention)
Crystal Black, One Digital

Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp

Samantha Schultz, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lisa Stansill, RB American

Roberta Montgomery, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Janis Cohlmia, Tropical Plant Design

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.
Our Vision
To enhance professional growth and development within a diverse group of women while empowering them to make a difference as they inspire others.

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and profession development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement
Our Values
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Collaboration
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