January 2018


Act with Excitement,
serve with
Willingness and
show up with

In This Issue
  1. President's Letter
  2. RSVP for the January Meeting
  3. December Meeting Highlights
  4. BCAP Philanthropy Project Results
  5. Meeting Feedback
  6. Member Firm Highlight
  7. Spotlight on Our Past
  8. December Board Reports
  9. Announcements
  10. January Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  11. Tech Tips
  12. Board Members/Contact Information

President's Letter

Hello EWI of Tulsa,

I trust you all enjoyed the December program as much as I did – a beautiful room with festive colors! Thank you to the programs committee and U.S. Beef Corp., Arby’s for hosting us.  I was so honored to be asked to share my breast cancer journey along with how BCAP (Breast Cancer Assistance Program) was founded.  I hope you each walked away with a new “feel” (literally) for the breast cancer journey.   I am thrilled that I am a survivor and can count my blessings for being in this group.

BCAP also was grateful to be chosen again for our chapter’s philanthropy efforts. You donated a TON of items for our five patient baskets – I heard reports of the baskets being so heavy one person could not lift them! 

The baskets are being delivered this week and we are beginning to get calls, emails and photos from the family recipients.  A special thank you to those that delivered baskets and to Jody Davis, Accent Moving & Storage, Inc., Agent for Mayflower Transit, LLC, for the truck, storage space and help in pulling the baskets together.

Thank you to those that invited guests to our chapter meeting in December – don’t forget membership's special drawing for those that invite a new eligible guest to January’s meeting.

If you haven’t taken the non-compete clause survey yet, there’s still time to visit with your executive and complete the survey. We’d like to hear from everyone.

With the help of our board, advisors and membership, we will continue to build our legacy through strong lasting firm memberships and in helping our Reps be the very best versions of themselves – I encourage each of you to be present in everything you do, every day.

Our thought for the day from our chapter meeting --  Generosity: Being kind, it’s not only good for your mental and physical health, it’s uplifting to everyone around you. On top of that, it just feels good…’Tis the season, be generous! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Building our legacy, together,

January Chapter Meeting Notification
Monthly Meeting | Connections/Personal Development
(Mind, Body & Spirit - Robert Caddy, Personal Trainer)

Our color for the January meeting is Teal.

Thursday, January 11, 2018 
5:30 pm - Check-In/Registration & Icebreaker
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins

Location:  Tulsa Community College

Tulsa Community College | Metro Campus
Center for Creativity
909 South Boston

Tulsa, OK

Business or Business Casual

$40 Members and Guests
$30 Sustaining Members

RSVP by noon on Friday, January 5, by clicking the button below. If you are unable attend, please let us know why.

Please bring checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to the meeting or mail to:

    Crystal Black, Strategic Employee Benefit Services
    201 South Denver, Suite 500
    Tulsa, OK 74103
RSVP to our Next Chapter Meeting!
December 2017 | Monthly Meeting
Chapter Meeting Highlights
Members at the December meeting as Angie told the story of how BCAP was born.
Top Left Photo: Angie Walters, Shnake Turnbo Frank delivers our presentation.

Right Photo: Gayle Dicus, Mazzio's; Colleen Farris, Moody's Jewlery; and Hannah Altorn, Guest
Top Row
Left Photo: Liza Wenzel, Wenzel Creative and Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
Right Photo: Reta Hallam, LD Kerns Contractor and Sherry Collins, Guest

Middle Row
Left Photo: Tinesa Siebert, Montereau and Marnie Knight, Admiral Express Office Supply
Right Photo: Renee Schmit, World Travel Services, LLC

Bottom Row
Left Photo: Kim Bowman, T.D. Williamson, Inc. and Tonya Solomon, Individual Member
Right Photo: Dana Nichols, Cimarex Energy Co. and Jody Davis, Accent Moving and Storage, Inc., Agent for Mayflower Transit, LLC


BCAP Philanthropy Project

BCAP Patient Christmas Baskets filled to overflowing by the generous donations of our members and member firms. Thank you!
Presentation about BCAP's Beginnings and Angie's Story
  • Angie - Thanks for sharing your journey with us. What a blessing BCAP is to so many families.
  • Angie, you are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey and your truth and encouraging our members to 'feel themselves' even though it seems weird.
  • Angie has a great testimony.
  • It was great to have her share her heart!
  • It was good to hear from Angie about her journey and how she is using her experience to help others in theirs.
  • A very warm and friendly evening. Great job.
  • It's always amazing to hear someone's life story and Angie's story is a testament to her strength, faith and love of her family and friends. That Angie was able to develop her BCAP idea to help others in need is amazing.
  • Very eye opening! I really appreciate Angie sharing her journey!
  •  I would love to see some healthier options included.
  • The poinsettias were a nice addition.
  • This venue is a great fit, easy to get to, and the setup for presentations is perfect.
  • Love Arby’s! Great room.
  • I prefer not to have my back to others.
  • I have always liked the event space at US Beef.
  • Centrally located – nice.
  • Just a suggestion to always try to have round table seating where we can visit with more ladies. Lecture seating makes it hard to visit with others, especially when you are on the end of the row.

Firm Highlight

Tulsa Community College has served Tulsa and the surrounding community since 1970. The largest two-year college in Oklahoma, TCC serves approximately 30,000 students per semester in credit and continuing education classes. TCC operates four campuses and a conference center situated strategically throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area. For the sixth consecutive year, TCC is ranked in the top three percent of more than 1,150 community colleges nationally in the number of associate degrees awarded in all disciplines.

Since its inception, TCC has established a tradition of offering students a personal approach to higher education, an education that is designed to be practical and useful. Of the first-time freshmen enrolling in a public college or university within the Oklahoma State System for Higher Education in recent years, sixty-five percent (65%) of the Tulsa County students begin their college education at Tulsa Community College.
Representative: Margaret Harrison

Spotlight on Our Past


1999 Chapter President
Rita Young
The William K. Warren Foundation
Member Since 1994

Corporate Theme:
“Leaders Make It Happen”

During the planning for 1999, the Board realized that the year did not promise the natural excitement the Chapter had experienced during some of the previous years nor the anticipation of the new millennium in the coming year, 2000.  There didn’t seem much to be excited about since there were no major milestones to celebrate:  EWI was turning 61, the Tulsa Chapter was turning 43, our Scholastic Classic 11, and the Annual Meeting would be held in America’s favorite (?) vacation destination – Cleveland, Ohio!

Fearing that 1999 could be an anti-climactic year, the Chapter Board committed to creating a year with exciting momentum that would propel the Chapter into the future. 

They did that by planning and executing a lot of “firsts” for our Chapter:

  • In March, the first membership blitz was held resulting in an all-time Chapter membership high with a total of 99 member firms – making Tulsa the second largest chapter in the world!
  • In May, Oklahoma’s own Shawntel Smith, Miss America 1996, spoke at our EWISP banquet.
  • In June, the first Leadership Academy was held with an attendance of over 300 business men and women and a profit of $4,500 (from a zero budget).  That evening, the first formal ASIST banquet was held.
  • For the first time, over $20,000 in scholarships was awarded.
  • The Scholastic Classic Golf Tournament netted over $40,000, making it the most profitable tournament ever.
  • In October, the first Reading Rally was held.
  • And, the Tulsa Chapter website was launched.

Other 1999 highlights included a Tulsa Chapter ASIST winner being awarded a national scholarship during Annual Meeting, where Chapter representatives learned that Cleveland truly DOES ROCK!

Executive Frank Chitwood of Dewberry was honored as the 1999 Executive of the Year.

Rita Young shared, “I trust that you will agree with me that 1999 was an exciting year that did propel us into the future and lived up to the Corporate theme of ‘Leaders Make It Happen’. “

December installation of the 1999 Tulsa Chapter Board
EWISP Banquet guest speaker, Shawntel Smith, Miss America 1996
and EWISP Winner, Elizabeth Kvach, Sand Springs High School
Leadership Academy Speaker, Lori Giovannoni                Executive of the Year, Frank Chitwood
Flintco golf team playing in the Scholastic Classic          "Rock 'n Roll" Opening Reception, Annual Meeting
Tulsa Representatives who attended the EWI Annual Meeting in Cleveland

December  Board Reports

Membership Report
We currently have 43 member firms and 1 Individual member.
 24 - First Representatives
   8 - Additional Representatives
   1 - Individual Member
   2 - Sustaining Members
   3 - Guests
   0 - Honorary Members
   1 - Transitional
   2 - Executives / Executives 
        who are Representatives
 41 - Total


New Sergeant of Arms Email

We have set up a generic email for our RSVPs. Please use saaewitulsa@gmail.com for all correspondence regarding meeting attendance. Thank you!
January Membership Prizes!

Membership will be giving away a WINE BASKET to a member that brings an eligible new member to January's meeting!
January EWI Tulsa
 Birthdays & Anniversaries

January 10 - Gayle Dicus - Mazzio's LLC
January 21 - Diana Medina, MaidPro
January 26 - Rachel Cain, Allegra Print & Imaging
January 27 - Janis Cohlmia, Tropical Plant Design, Inc.

January 22 - Greg Ford, MaidPro
January 24 - Mark Cohlmia, Tropical Plant Design, Inc.

Firm Anniversaries
1984 - Helmerich & Payne, Inc.
2015 - Rib Crib BBQ
2016 - LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Tech Tips!
Need your phone to charge?  Need it to charge FAST?
The quickest way to charge your phone (without completely turning it off), is to put it in Airplane mode.  With all sending and receiving of data cut off, your phone will charge much faster.  Never put your phone in airplane mode before?  Just open the control center (swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen) and hit the button that looks like an airplane!  Just make sure to turn the mode off when it has completed charging!
2017-2018 Officers & Directors

Angie Walters, Schnake Turnbo Frank
918-582-9151, x242

Vice President/President-Elect
Lisa Stansill, United States Beef Corp. (Arby's)

Sheila Sayne, Neuens Mitchell Bonds PLLC

Crystal Black, Strategic Employee Benefit Services

Shantel Austin, Burnett, Inc.

Tinesa Siebert, Montereau

Membership (Recruitment)
Reta Hallam, LDKerns Contractors

Membership (Retention)
Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Samantha Johnson, U.S. Beef Corp. (ARBY's)

Pam Taylor, Dewberry

Tonya Solomon, Individual Member

Jody Davis, Accent Moving & Storage, Inc.
Agent for Mayflower Transit, LLC

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.
Our Vision
To be a professional organization that creates value for its member firms and their representatives through career development, business connectivity, and involvement in local communities.  

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and profession development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement.