November 2017


Act with Excitement,
serve with
Willingness and
show up with

In This Issue
  1. President's Letter
  2. RSVP for the November Business Meeting
  3. October Meeting Highlights
  4. LCAM 2017 | Dallas
  5. Meeting Feedback
  6. Member Firm Highlight
  7. Spotlight on Our Past
  8. October Board Reports
  9. Announcements
  10. November Birthdays and Firm Anniversaries
  11. Tech Tips
  12. Board Members/Contact Information

President's Letter

Building our Legacy.

What a wonderful way to begin my term as your EWI of Tulsa president. The beautiful installation on a beautiful night in a sea of pink! Many thanks go out to those involved that made the installation of the 2017-2018 board so special.

Thank you Teri Edmondson, The William K. Warren Foundation, for your lovely words of thanks and giving. Thank you to my advisors: Tonya Solomon, Individual Member; Jody Davis, Accent Moving & Storage Mayflower; and Judy Russell, ONEOK for coordinating the evening. And thank you to Shantel Austin, Burnett, Inc., and Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech, for greeting everyone and getting us all checked in.

I’m looking forward to leading this year and building our legacy together. Thank you to the ladies that have committed to serve with me this year to act with Excitement, serve with Willingness and to show up with Intention.   I’m committed to building strong lasting members and to showcasing our member firms. I promise to serve you with intention as we look forward to a great 2017-2018.

Remember, as you go forward today to be present in everything you do.



November Chapter Meeting
Meet and Greet with EWI Tulsa Committees | Business Meeting

Since November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, we would like everyone to wear purple for the November meeting.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 
5:30 pm - Check-In/Registration & Icebreaker
6:00 pm - Meeting Begins

Location:  Helmerich & Payne

1437 South Boulder,
11th Floor East, Conference Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Business or Business Casual

$40 Members and Guests
$30 Sustaining Members

RSVP by noon on Friday, November 3, by clicking the button below. 

Please bring checks payable to EWI of Tulsa to the meeting or mail to:

    Crystal Black, Strategic Employee Benefit Services
    201 South Denver, Suite 500
    Tulsa, OK 74103
RSVP to our Next Chapter Meeting!
October 2017 | Business Meeting & Installation
Chapter Meeting Highlights
EWI Tulsa 2017-18 Board and Committee Chairs
Shelia Sayne, Neuens Mitchell Bonds PLLC; Sam Johnson, US Beef Corp. (Arby's); Reta Hallam, LD Kerns; Shantel Austin, Burnett, Inc.; and Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne
Standing:  Lisa Stansill, US Beef Corp. (Arby's); Angie Walters, Schnake Turnbo Frank; Pam Taylor, Dewberry; Tinesa Siebert; Montereau; and Crystal Black, Strategic Employee Benefits.

Top Left Photo: Shantel Austin, Burnett, Inc., and Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech

Top Right Photo: Kim Bowman, T.D. Williamson, Inc., and Pam Taylor, Dewberry

Bottom Left Photo:  Sustaining Members Linda Polson and Glenda Stoner

Bottom Right Photo: Trhis Richey, Helmerich and Payne; Susan Miller, Warren Professional Building Corp.; and Margaret Harrison, Tulsa Community College
Top Left Photo: Guest Franklin L. Kastl, III; Angie Walters, Schnake Turnbo Frank; and Guest David Wagner

Top Right Photo: Guest Franklin L. Kastl, III; Angie Walters, Schnake Turnbo Frank; and Guest Norm Walters

Bottom Left Photo:  New Member Lisa Wenzel, Wenzel Creative, and Tonya Solomon, Individual Member.

Bottom Right Photo:  Jamie Harris, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., and Rita Young, The William K. Warren Foundation.
LCAM 2017 | Dallas
2017 Tulsa Chapter LCAM Attendees, Left to Right: Linda Safley, Direct Energy; Gayle Dicus, Mazzios LLC; Linda Polson, Sustaining Member; Sam Johnson, US Beef Corporation (Arby's); Lisa Stansill, US Beef Corporation (Arby's); Angie Walters, Schnake Turbo Frank; Tonya Solomon, Individual Member; Judy Russell, ONEOK; and Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech
Left: Lisa Stansill, US Beef Corporation (Arby's), Academy of Leadership Graduation

Right: Felicia Senter, Tulsa Tech, Corporate Board installation
The Installation:
  • The creative building block theme was appropriate.
  • Remarks by Tonya and Angie were moving, giving us a look at what's inside of them. Kudos to the outgoing board. To the incoming board, we look forward to your leadership.
  • Very nice, neat to see the new board!
  • Excited for Angie and the new Board as they Build their Legacy.
  • Excellent job Tonya, Jody and Judy.
  • The menu selections were very good. Later, we realized the burners were not on, so the food temp was not what it should have been. But I didn't attend just to eat. The night was about our Chapter.
  • Pleasant, quiet and efficient!
  • Unfortunately, the salad ran out for the last few in line.
  • Loved the dessert.
  • My food was good but I heard comments about how cold everything was.
  • Good visibility and acoustics, and I was in the back.
  • I believe the room was great. Not so much impressed with the staff.

Firm Highlight

The story of Arvest is one of commitment, started by its founders—an intense dedication to focusing on the customer above all else. This philosophy has remained the same during their growth from a small bank to a network of community banks able to provide a complete range of financial services. Staying true to these principles has been the common thread throughout their history. They always will work to put the needs of their customers first as they continue to fulfill their mission: people helping people find financial solutions for life. Arvest Bank's history has shown that when they put the customer first, get involved in the community, and hire tremendous associates, it generates success.

Arvest Bank is the best choice for people on the go. Arvest believes in customer-focused banking and provides all of the financial solutions you need for every stage of your life or your business, including: Investments, Home Loans, Personal Banking, Retirement Planning, and Commercial Loans.

Representative: Heather Stephen

Spotlight on Our Past


1997 Chapter President
Linda Polson
Dewberry Design Group, Inc.
(now Dewberry)

Member Since 1990

Corporate Theme:
“Ride the Wave of the Future”


As 1997 began, the Tulsa Chapter faced the challenge of upholding the standards of excellence which had been established throughout our then 40-year history.   This challenge was a part of the essence of our new corporate theme, which was “Ride the Wave of the Future”, which Linda interpreted to mean that our Chapter would be propelled into the 21st Century on the momentum of the strong traditions of our past.


Highlights of the 1997 included:

  • clever and informative programs that included one with a visit from “Eleanor Roosevelt” and a rousing rendition of the song, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” performed by some of our own ladies;
  • honoring two Executives of the Year – Keith Bailey of The Williams Companies and Jerry Parkhurst of Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop;
  • an EWISP banquet featuring one of our long-time executives, Hans Helmerich, as keynote speaker and awarding over $10,000 in scholarships to students from the 26 area schools;
  • collecting over 1,000 books to donate to the Friends of the Tulsa Public Library as a part of the EWI’s national literacy program; 
  • holding our 9th annual Scholastic Classic at Golf Club of Oklahoma and netting more than $26,000 for our scholarship fund; and
  • recruiting 14 new member firms – a definite record!

And the greatest highlight of 1997 was seeing one of the Tulsa Chapter’s members (and one of Linda’s mentors), Myra Trahern, ascend to the highest level of leadership in EWI.   In September 1997 at EWI’s 50th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, Myra was installed as International President.  (Read more about it in next month’s newsletter.)


As you can see, just like previous Chapter years, 1997 was one that had many shining moments.  These came about because of the hard work and the dedication of this chapter’s membership and the tireless efforts of its leaders – women helping women excel!

Installation of 1997 Board of Directors                                    
Chapter program presented by "Mrs. Roosevelt"
9th annual Scholastic Classic at Golf Club of Oklahoma
1997 EWISP winner - Aaliyah Williams from Union High School 
Co-Executives of the Year:  Keith Bailey of The Williams Companies and Jerry Parkhurst of Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop

October Board Reports

Membership Report
We currently have 43 member firms and 1 Individual member. Welcome to our newest member firm, Wenzel Creative!
 29 - First Representatives
   7 - Additional Representatives
   1 - Individual Member
   4 - Sustaining Members
 18 - Guests
   2 - Honorary Members
   1 - Transitional
   6 - Executives / Executives 
        who are Representatives
 68 - Total


New Sergeant of Arms Email

We have set up a generic email for our RSVPs. Please use for all correspondence regarding meeting attendance. Thank you!
Note from Tonya Solomon,
Immediate Past President

The last two years have been a transition in my life that has helped me realize how much EWI has influenced me. No one is perfect and no one knows it all. We are blessed to have ladies that love this organization and this chapter so much that they continue to pass along the energy, wisdom, and integrity to others. Looking back, I wish I had stepped up sooner. The encouragement from you as a chapter has been amazing and appreciated. The ladies who served on the board with me worked in each area to continue the legacy started in 1956. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your chapter president.
November EWI Tulsa
 Birthdays & Anniversaries

November 5 - Heather Stephen, Arvest Bank
November 11 - Pat Desormeau, Sustaining
November 16 - Linda Polson, Sustaining
November 20 - Debbie Ash, Alzheimer's Association

November 6 - Linda Safley, Direct Energy (Exec Rep)
November 17 - Melissa Parchman, Magoon & Associates
November 23 - Becky Frank, Schnake Turnbo Frank
November 23  - Kirk Hayes, Arvest Bank

Firm Anniversaries
November 2006 - Tulsa Community College
November 2010 - Warren Professional Building Corp.
Tech Tips!
Some headphone tips!
Do you have iPhone headphones and do you use them?  Here are all of the available functions so you can utilize them all!
  1. If you're listening to music, toggle pause or play by tapping the center button once.
  2. To fast-forward a song, tap the center button twice and long-press on the second tap.
  3. To rewind a song, tap three times and long-press on the third tap.
  4. To skip a song, double tap.
  5. To go to the previous song, triple tap.
  6. If you have an incoming call, tap the center button once to answer. Tap again to hang up.
  7. To ignore an incoming call, long-press the center button. You'll hear two beeps to confirm that the caller was sent to voice mail.
  8. If you're on the phone and you get a new call, tap the center button once to switch calls. To end that new call, hold the center button down for 2 seconds.
  9. You can achieve super steady shots by using your headphones as a shutter release. Tap the volume-up button to capture a photo.
  10. For iPhone 4S owners: prompt Siri by long-pressing the center button.
2017-2018 Officers & Directors

Angie Walters, Schnake Turnbo Frank
918-582-9151, x242

Vice President/President-Elect
Lisa Stansill, United States Beef Corp. (Arby's)

Sheila Sayne, Neuens Mitchell Bonds PLLC

Crystal Black, Strategic Employee Benefit Services 

Shantel Austin, Burnett, Inc.

Tinesa Siebert, Montereau

Membership (Recruitment)
Reta Hallam, LD Kerns Construction 

Membership (Retention)
Trish Richey, Helmerich & Payne, Inc. 

Samantha Johnson, U.S. Beef Corp. (ARBY's)

Pam Taylor, Dewberry

Tonya Solomon, Individual Member

Jody Davis, Accent Moving & Storage, Inc.
Agent for Mayflower Transit, LLC

Judy Russell, ONEOK, Inc.
Our Vision
To be a professional organization that creates value for its member firms and their representatives through career development, business connectivity, and involvement in local communities.  

Our Mission
EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
  • Promoting member firms;
  • Enhancing personal and profession development, and,
  • Encouraging community involvement.

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